Always a container at your door!

There has been so much work in the construction and demolition industry lately that in the meantime there are few or no containers at all at the container discharge grids. There is good news for you now; we can deliver practically from stock, because we work with many suppliers from all over the Netherlands. By simply paying online via iDEAL or bank transfer your order will automatically be processed.

When ordering a container that you want to use, our people immediately go to work to meet your needs. In consultation with you, we will place a container so that there is no more care for the material you have removed. We dispose of the contents of the container in a safe and reusable way.

You can contact us via our website with chatting or would you prefer to make phone calls, via WhatsApp or email ... anything is possible. Communication is the very best in this.

We are ready to help you.

The team

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