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Rent sand / soil container in Groningen

We have containers available in 3 different sizes for the sand / soil waste stream.

If you are not sure which format to choose, please contact customer service. They can help you choose the right size for an sand / soil container.

Extra information sand / soil

In order to separate the waste as well as possible, we have indicated for each waste flow which materials are allowed in and not in a sand / soil container.

What is allowed in an sand / soil container?

  • Due to the PFAS problem, there are very strict rules, ask us if you want to dispose of
  • graszoden
  • sand and soil

What is not allowed in an sand / soil container?

  • mattresses (return to the environment center)
  • aerated concrete (separate container construction and demolition)
  • asbestos (special asbestos collection)
  • asbestos-like (special asbestos collection)
  • car tires (return to the environment)
  • chemical waste (return to the environment center)
  • gibo (separate container construction and demolition)
  • glass (separate container construction and demolition)
  • hazardous waste (return to the environment center)
  • plaster (separate container construction and demolition)
  • roof waste (order a separate container for roof waste)