Cheap waste container rental?

For a renovation, garden renovation, renovation of your roof or any other job. There is waste that you want to have! has the right waste container for you. We use very competitive prices. Whether it concerns construction and demolition waste, debris, wood, roof waste, green or sand / soil? Throughout the Netherlands we can ensure that your waste is disposed of according to current standards.

Order waste container?

Our partners, who recycle this waste, process for 98% your waste in a new product. We at and our processing partners are progressive in our recycling society. You can have the released material removed via your municipality. This is not possible with many municipalities or it takes a long time before you have a container at your door. We have years of experience in planning, removing and processing your waste. Through our website you can find the right information or via telephone contact, Whatsapp or chat. We give you what you are entitled to; to know; clear information. This in any case saves a lot of costs and misery. Of course you also help our cycle economy.

Ask our professional team for any further information. We are ready to answer all your questions. Through our website you will already find many answers to your questions and many "in and outs".

What is the right container for you?

We deliver our containers in sizes 3m³, 6m³, 10m³, 10 m³ closed, 20 m³ and 40 m³ content. The prices of a container include installation costs, disposal costs, environmental surcharge and including 6 weeks rent. If you want a longer term, please contact us so that we can make a clear agreement with you.

We apply an all-in tariff throughout the Netherlands. The price will therefore be the same for everyone regardless of the location. If the waste to be disposed of does not meet the conditions, we have to charge extra costs. The loading of the containers 3, 6 and 10 m³ containers can be up to 20 cm. be loaded above the edge.