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Pinching work

Have waste collected without a container

Already started the renovation and forgot to order a container! Or do you not have a place to place a container? We at have a solution for that. We can now also have the waste squeezed and removed for you.

Sometimes you start a renovation and you have no idea how much waste it will generate. At the start of the renovation you might still think “Oh, I'll just take that waste to the recycling center”, but because the waste keeps piling up, that is no longer an option. You can call on us and we will come and squeeze the waste for you with the squeeze car.

It is better not to transport large amounts of rubble or stones yourself. Its weight quickly increases and to prevent damage to your car or trailer, you should not overload it. So if it is too heavy or too big to transport yourself, give us the order to have it squeezed.

Are you pruning the garden, will you get a new fence or your garden will be excavated. We can also squeeze these waste flows for you.

How does this squeezing waste work?

You start the job and you throw all the waste together in a place where our squeezer car can reach. It is important to know that the clipper car has a range of 5 to 6 meters next to the car. The squeezer can pick up all the waste and load it into the container on the car. So you no longer have to carry or lift yourself. The clip on the car does the job. We will then dispose of the waste for you and process it in the most environmentally friendly way.

We offer you an all-inclusive service. We come to the location, squeeze the waste, transport and process it. Of course, as you may expect from us, we take recycling into account. We find this very important and see your waste as a product. We find waste interesting and believe in a world without residual products. What is no longer useful to one person is of great value to another. It is not without reason that we have a recycling percentage of more than 98%.

The clamp trolley can be used for, among other things: wood waste, pallets, fences, garden waste, green waste, soil, garden soil, rubble and more. You will be amazed at what is possible. Call, email or chat with us for questions and/or advice and what rate we charge.

Please note that when you place the order, we will need approximately five working days to schedule the work.

Do you want to order this product?

Then contact our customer service via [email protected] or 085-029 24 10.

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