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Rent Asbestos container

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You can do an Rent asbestos container easily and quickly via Ordered today? Delivered tomorrow!

With low all-in prices you can rent a waste container throughout the Netherlands. Ordered before 16:30 on working days, delivered the next working day.

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Available asbestos containers

We have containers available in 1 different sizes for the asbestos waste stream.

If you do not know which size container to choose, you can contact customer service. They can help you choose the right size container for asbestos.

Extra information asbestos

In order to separate the waste as well as possible, we have indicated for each waste flow which materials are allowed in and not in a asbestos container.

What is allowed in an asbestos container?

  • asbestos (special asbestos collection)
  • asbestos-like (special asbestos collection)

Our method

Are you renovating and want to get rid of your waste without making trips to the landfill? You can, by renting a waste container (also known as a waste container)!

A waste container, in sizes 3m3 to 40m3, is placed by us at your location. You can fill this with the waste from the chosen waste stream. When the container is full, you can submit a collection request and we will collect the waste container again.

Your waste is then separated at one of our processing locations for further reuse.

All this in five easy steps.

More info about the method

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't find the answer to your question? No problem, our customer service is ready for you!

How much does it cost to rent a asbestoscontainer?

Renting an asbestos container is already possible from € 949,-. We have cheap asbestoscontainers available in 6m³ formats.

The price is determined depending on the size asbestos container you need. Therefore, choose a container that has sufficient space, this will save you ordering a 2nd asbestos container.

What is allowed in an asbestos container?

In an asbestos container you may, among other things, dispose of asbestos (special asbestos collection) & asbestos-like (special asbestos collection).

There are also certain items that may not be disposed of in an asbestos container. These are stated during the ordering process of the container, please pay attention to this.

Rent Asbestos container as a private person

Private individuals can rent a container from for the removal of asbestos. We take care of the placement, removal and processing of your asbestos.

We place waste containers throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis. We also have the solution for you as a private individual for the removal of asbestos. You can request this from by renting an asbestos container.

Asbestos container for companies

As a company you can rent an asbestos container at We ensure that the container is placed as agreed, and you can focus on carrying out your (demolition) work.

You can call in for any job in the Netherlands, because we deliver asbestos containers for the business market throughout the Netherlands.

How does renting an asbestos container work?

Renting an asbestos container is easy to arrange online yourself. Via the website you choose the right container for your job, in this case it is an asbestos container.

Then choose the format asbestos container, it is available in the formats 6m³.

You then indicate where and when the waste container for asbestos can be placed. We will try to place the container at the desired time.

Zodra de afvalcontainer geplaatst is vult u deze met het asbestos. De container mag 6 weken op locatie blijven staan, maar als u eerder klaar bent kan de container eerder opgehaald worden. Dit doet u middels een ophaalverzoek, hierover heeft u per email instructies ontvangen. Het is ook mogelijk om via het klantenportaal een ophaalverzoek in te dienen.

You do not have to be present on the day that we are going to collect the asbestos container, as long as the driver can collect the container independently.

Rent Asbestos container from 1 day to 6 weeks

At you can rent a container for the disposal of asbestos, as standard 6 weeks rent is included in the all-in rate.

Heeft u de container voor een langer periode nodig? Dat is mogelijk: hiervoor rekenen wij een extra huur van €5,- excl btw per werkdag (na de huurvrij periode van 6 weken).

Do you only want to rent the container for 1 day? That is also possible, but the all-in rate remains the same. You can immediately request a collection after placing the order by filling in the collection form, which is available after placing an order for the asbestos container and will also be sent by email.

Information videos

Do you have questions about renting a waste container? We have made several videos explaining how to rent a container. reviews

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