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"Tell a friend" program

At Afzetbak it is possible as a customer to use the "tell a friend" program. With this we give you a fee for referring your friends/relations.

To use the "tell a friend" program, log in to your account. Here you will find the instructions to participate in the program. After acceptance you will receive a unique code & link from us which you can share with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to be an customer?

Nope! While it's a great advantage to use yourself so you can share how it works and how it personally benefits your website and business, it's not a requirement.

How can I promote

Any way you want! Read our terms and conditions, but you are free to talk about on your website, newsletter, video channel, social media, or wherever. We even give you images and conversation topics.

What if I forgot to ask someone to use my URL?

Email us who referred you and when and we will manually assign the referral to you.

When do we pay out the reward?

At the beginning of each month we will send you an overview with the referrals and the payout, which will then be transferred to your account number.