If you are going to renovate at home, want to demolish a building or remove a lot of waste material for another job, then you need a rubble container. We offer various sizes of rubble container for both small and large activities. Not only do we arrange the delivery of the empty container and the collection of the full container, we also ensure responsible disposal of the residual materials. Immediately choose the rubble container for your project, or read the additional information below.


Arrange your waste container quickly and easily via Easy online payment via iDEAL or bank transfer and delivery throughout the Netherlands!

 waste container
Debris 3m³
Excl VAT € 126,00
Incl VAT € 152,46
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 waste container
Debris 6m³
Excl VAT € 139,00
Incl VAT € 168,19
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 waste container
Debris 20m³
Excl VAT € 340,00
Incl VAT € 411,40
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Information videos

In order to help you even better, we have made below a number of information videos about Debris containers in which we help you find the right container for your project.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

What can be deposited in the debriscontainer?

Waste no longer exists, nowadays we consider this as residual materials that are largely reused for other applications. That is good for the environment, good for the wallet and by separating waste we prevent fines and other annoying things. It is therefore important to know what can and cannot be disposed of in an debriscontainer.

This is allowed:
  • stony substances
This is not allowed:
  • asbestos (special asbestos collection)
  • asbestos-like (special asbestos collection)
  • car tires (return to the environment)
  • chemical waste (return to the environment center)
  • roof waste (order a separate container for roof waste)
  • aerated concrete (separate container construction and demolition)
  • hazardous waste (return to the environment center)
  • plaster (separate container construction and demolition)
  • glass (separate container construction and demolition)
  • mattresses (return to the environment center)

If you cannot estimate how much debris needs to be removed, you can contact us for advice without obligation. The debris containers up to 10 m³ may be loaded up to 20 cm above the edge, the larger sizes up to the edge.

What happens if the wrong materials are deposited?

It can of course happen that someone accidentally removes materials that do not comply with the rules. Fortunately, you don't have to dive into the container to remove these substances, we will of course take care of that. In that case, you must count on additional costs. If this is the case, we will inform you accordingly. When you are not sure which materials can be disposed of in this debriscontainers, you can contact us without obligation for more information.

Everywhere in the Netherlands

Our all-inclusive prices are clear and transparent. The rates are stated both excluding and including VAT, furthermore the delivery, collection and the environmental surcharge are already included in the price. You can use this container for six weeks. We deliver throughout the Netherlands without extra costs, so you will not be faced with surprises.