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  • Delivery throughout the Netherlands

    Our containers are delivered from multiple locations in the Netherlands, which gives us national coverage.

    This means you can always order a waste container at Afzetbak.nl.

  • Quality and environment

    With recycling percentages of more than 98% recycling. Suppliers must meet our high quality and environmental requirements with ISO certifications. These companies also meet the strictest requirements in the field of Quality, Working Conditions and Environment.

  • Delivery to individuals & companies

    Your ordered containers are always visible to you in the customer portal, so you only have to fill in your details once during the ordering process.

    It is also always clear to you where your container is placed and you will be proactively informed about the status of your ordered container.

  • Years of experience in waste disposal / recycling

    We at Afzetbak.nl have been active in recycling for years and see waste as a product, which has lost its value over time. We find waste interesting and believe in a world without residual products. What is no longer useful to one person is of great value to the other.

    For example: artificial grass on the sports fields makes room for real grass again. Our relationship makes the artificial grass a unique product again. Or your garden is being renovated. The garden waste will be a perfect new fertilizer for your new garden.