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Waste container can be rented at

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order a waste container?

It may sound complicated, but it certainly isn't. Ordering a waste container is very easy!

On this page we explain how you can quickly and easily rent a waste container, all in no less than 5 steps.

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Step 1
Order waste container

Order waste container

You can easily order a waste container from us on our site.

When ordering, you can choose from different waste streams and formats. You choose the right bin based on the waste you want to dispose of.

You only have to indicate where and when you want the container delivered. You can then pay securely online via iDEAL.

After a successful order you will receive a confirmation from us by email and we will schedule the container for delivery.

Step 2
Container delivery

Container delivery

The waste container will be delivered to your location on the desired date. You do not have to be present for this, provided our driver can place the container at the indicated location.

Do you have a specific place where the container should be placed? Then you can indicate this when ordering the container. The driver will do his best to place it as well as possible according to your wishes.

Step 3
Fill container

Fill container

You can now start filling the waste container yourself. Make sure that you fill it with the chosen waste. Each waste stream has specific acceptance conditions.

Some fill the container very quickly, within 1 day. Others need more time for this, no problem. You can fill the container on location rent-free for 6 weeks. After this we are forced to pass on additional costs.

Make sure that you do not overload the container, all this in connection with safety during transport of the container.

Step 4
Request pick-up request

Request pick-up request

When the container is full, you can submit a collection request. Try to do this as soon as possible, because if the planning is full, the container may be collected later than expected.

As soon as the planning has processed your pick-up request, you will receive a confirmation message.

Step 5
Pick up container

Pick up container

We will collect the waste container from you on the agreed date. You do not have to be present for this, provided the driver can reach the container.

The driver will then dump the container at one of our locations.

GreenWay, voor het milieuvriendelijk ophalen

Het ophalen van de container gebeurt binnen 3 werkdagen na aanvraag.


Een volle container neemt veel ruimte op de vrachtwagen in beslag waardoor we minder containers gelijktijdig kunnen ophalen.

Hoeft niet gelijk

Bijna alle klanten maakt het niet uit, of we nou vandaag, morgen of over 3 dagen de container komen ophalen.

Efficiëntere routes

Doordat we langer de tijd hebben om de container op te halen, kan onze planning de routes op een milieuvriendelijkere manier plannen over de week. Hierdoor besparen we op brandstof en uitstoot.