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You can arrange renting an 10m³ (closed) container quickly and easily via! With delivery throughout the Netherlands, we always have an 10m³ (closed) container available for delivery near you.

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10m³ (closed) containers.
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At you can simply rent a 10m³ (closed) container for the disposal of waste. You can rent this size container for the disposal of paper and cardboard, construction and demolition waste, bulky waste, household goods, garden waste, residual waste, roof waste.

10m³ (closed) container

Cheap 10m³ (closed) waste container

Looking for a cheap 10m³ (closed) container to rent? Don't worry, we got you covered! With us you can score an affordable deal for renting such an 10m³ (closed) container. Whether you're cleaning up or have some construction waste lying around, our cheap 10m³ (closed) containers are perfect for you. No hassle, just rent quickly and cheaply.

So what are you waiting for? Order online or call us today and take advantage of our competitive prices and fast delivery.

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By opening the website with a mobile device, it is possible to place the 10m³ (closed) container via Augmented Reality wherever you want. This allows you to see how big an 10m³ (closed) container is in real life.

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Our method

Are you renovating and want to get rid of your waste without making trips to the landfill? You can, by renting a waste container (also known as a waste container)!

A waste container, in sizes 3m3 to 40m3, is placed by us at your location. You can fill this with the waste from the chosen waste stream. When the container is full, you can submit a collection request and we will collect the waste container again.

Your waste is then separated at one of our processing locations for further reuse.

All this in five easy steps.

More info about the method

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't find the answer to your question? No problem, our customer service is ready for you!

In which waste streams is the 10m³ (closed) container available?

The 10m³ (closed) container is available for the bulky waste, construction and demolition waste, garden waste, household goods, paper and cardboard, residual waste & roof waste waste streams. Do you have a different waste stream? Then ask customer service for more information.

What does it cost to rent a 10m³ (closed) waste container?

An 10m³ (closed) waste container can be rented from €321,10. The price includes installation, removal and processing of your waste. The price may differ depending on the waste stream you need.

What is the size of a 10m³ (closed) container?

The 10m³ (closed) container has a size of approximately 360cm (length), 175cm (width), 200cm (height).

How many cubic meters is a 10m³ (closed) container?

The name of the container (10m³ (closed)) says it all. The container has a capacity of 10 cubic meters.

One cubic meter is equal to 1000 liters. Or if you look at an object this is; 1 meter long, wide and high. 1 cubic meter is equal to 1m3. So when you rent an 10m³ (closed) container, you can dispose of 10 cubic meters.

What is a closed container?

A closed waste container is a closed container that has a roof. As a result, others cannot simply dispose of waste in the waste container you have rented.

A closed waste container is usually a 10m3 container, which can be placed in a parking lot. It is a frequently used container in a city where you do not have your own parking space or driveway.

Usually a 10m3 closed container is rented for the removal of bulky waste, household goods and construction and demolition waste.

Can a closed container be locked?

Yes, it is possible to close a closed container. There are several doors in the closed container, so that the container can be filled from several places.

If you want to lock the container with a lock, you must provide a padlock yourself.

Why is a closed container more expensive?

An rent a closed container is more expensive than an open container, this has to do with transport. When transporting a closed container, these cannot be stacked, so that fewer containers can be transported simultaneously. reviews

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