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Product photo of Debris 6m³ Product photo of Debris 6m³
Product photo of Debris 6m³
Product photo of Debris 6m³
Product photo of Debris 6m³
€ 194,- € 184,- incl. VAT

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  • Ordered before 23:59: delivered tomorrow*
  • Price includes placement costs, disposal costs & environmental surcharge
  • Including 6 weeks rent
  • Free transport

Do you have a question? Then contact us! We are happy to help you!

Order an 6m³ debriscontainer in minutes to dispose of your debris. Easy online payment via iDEAL or bank transfer and delivery throughout the Netherlands with a guaranteed recycling of 98%!

The price of a 6m³ debris container includes installation costs, disposal costs, environmental surcharge and includes 6 weeks rent. We use an all-in rate throughout the Netherlands, so the price will be the same for everyone regardless of location. If the container and/or the waste does not meet the conditions, we will charge extra costs.

If you have any questions about the 6m³ container or debris, you can always contact our customer service.

Small amount of? Choose a Sales Bag.

The Disposal Bag is the solution for disposing of smaller amounts of debris. The Sales Bag (also called Big Bag or construction bag) is made of a strong recyclable plastic.

More information about a Big Bag for debris
Big Bag for debris

Extra information

Our prices are transparent and all-in transport, disposal and processing costs and 6 weeks rent-free. If 6 weeks is rent-free, we are forced to charge extra costs.

Should we unexpectedly find a waste flow in your container which does not correspond to the description debris, we are forced to pass on these extra costs (please understand).

3-10 m³ sales containers filled with debris may be loaded maximum to the edge. If the drop-off container is loaded above the edge, there is a chance that it will become too heavy/unsafe, meaning that the drop-off container cannot be transported.

The 6m³ container has approximately the following dimensions:

  • Height 100cm
  • Width 180cm
  • Length 350cm

Also view the other 6 cubic meters of containers, the 6m³ container is also available for other waste streams.

In order to separate the waste as well as possible, we have indicated for each waste flow which materials are allowed in and not in a debris container.

What is allowed in a debris 6m³?

  • (schoon) steenpuin
  • dekvloer
  • kalk zandsteen
  • keramiek
  • klinkers / sierbestrating
  • metselpuin
  • stenen dakpannen
  • stony substances
  • tiling
  • toilet pot
  • tuingrind
  • tuintegels / bestrating
  • wastafel

What is not allowed in a debris 6m³?

Only the products stated in the "what may be put in an debris container" list may be disposed of in the container for debris. Below we list some examples of products/materials that are not allowed:

  • matrassen / toppers (inleveren bij de milieustraat)
  • aerated concrete (separate container construction and demolition)
  • asbestos (special asbestos collection)
  • asbestos-like (special asbestos collection)
  • car tires (return to the environment)
  • chemical waste (return to the environment center)
  • glass (separate container construction and demolition)
  • hazardous waste (return to the environment center)
  • plaster (separate container construction and demolition)
  • roof waste (order a separate container for roof waste)

Augmented Reality

But, how big is such an 6m³ container in real life? That's a question that customer service is often asked.

Middels het gebruik van Augmented Reality is het mogelijk om de container virtueel op je gewenste locatie te plaatsen. Hierdoor zie je direct of de container past op de plek waar je deze in gedachten hebt.

Tip: do you have a specific location where the container is desired. Then add a photo of the container location to the order, so the driver knows exactly where you want the 6m³ debris container. The driver will (if possible) place the container at the desired location.

View in AR hand

Information videos

Do you have questions about renting a waste container? We have made several videos explaining how to rent a container. reviews

Reviews from our customers

Snelle levering, goede en vriendelijke communicatie

Hele goede service. Snelle levering en omwisselen voor nieuwe ook snel geregeld . Ging bij mij iets niet goed met opnieuw bestellen. Mail gestuurd en het werd meteen geregeld. Top service

Terugkoppeling m.b.t. bestellen, plaatsen en ophalen werkt super.

Another container size?

Is an 6m³ debris container not enough to dispose of all your debris? Then view the debris containers below.