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Rent Construction and demolition waste container 10m³ (closed)

Product photo of Construction and demolition waste 10m³ (closed)
Product photo of Construction and demolition waste 10m³ (closed)
Product photo of Construction and demolition waste 10m³ (closed)
€ 529,10 € 517,- incl. VAT

based on 1876 reviews

  • Ordered for 16:30: first delivered next working day
  • Price includes placement costs, disposal costs & environmental surcharge
  • Including 6 weeks rent
  • Free transport

Do you have questions? please contact us! We like to help you!

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Order an 10m³ (closed) container for your construction and demolition waste within minutes. Easy online payment via iDEAL or bank transfer and delivery throughout the Netherlands with a guaranteed recycling rate of 98%!

The price of a 10m³ (closed) construction and demolition waste container includes installation costs, disposal costs, environmental surcharge and includes 6 weeks rent. We use an all-in rate throughout the Netherlands, so the price will be the same for everyone regardless of location. If the container and/or the waste does not meet the conditions, we will charge extra costs.

If you have questions about the 10m³ (closed) container or about construction and demolition waste you can always contact our customer service.

Extra information

Our prices are transparent and all-in transport, disposal and processing costs and 6 weeks rent-free. If 6 weeks is rent-free, we are forced to charge extra costs.

Should we unexpectedly find a waste flow in your container which does not correspond to the description construction and demolition waste, we are forced to pass on these extra costs (please understand).

3-10 m³ disposal containers may be loaded up to a maximum of 20 cm above the edge.

The 10m³ (gesloten) container has approximately the following dimensions:

  • Height 200cm
  • Width 175cm
  • Length 360cm

In order to separate the waste as well as possible, we have indicated for each waste flow which materials are allowed in and not in a construction and demolition waste container.

What is allowed in a construction and demolition waste 10m³ (closed)?

  • all types of wood
  • foil
  • aerated concrete
  • gibo
  • cast
  • insulation
  • cardboard
  • plastics
  • metal
  • paper
  • plastic
  • clean rubble

What is not allowed in a construction and demolition waste 10m³ (closed)?

  • asbestos (special asbestos collection)
  • asbestos-like (special asbestos collection)
  • car tires (return to the environment)
  • chemical waste (return to the environment center)
  • roof waste (order a separate container for roof waste)
  • hazardous waste (return to the environment center)
  • fridge / freezer
  • mattresses (return to the environment center)

Information videos

Do you have questions about renting a waste container? We have made several videos explaining how to rent a container. reviews

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