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Visit Milieustraat Noordoostpolder?
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You are busy doing odd jobs, or working on a renovation and you have a lot of waste that you have to get rid of. You quickly think of a visit to the recycling center of the municipality of Noordoostpolder, but this can also be done differently!

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When you're busy, you want to get the job done as quickly as possible, and then the waste disposal also comes into play. To dispose of this, you can already see the storm coming, a visit to the environmental street Noordoostpolder. There is a good chance that you will have to wait in a long line at the landfill in Noordoostpolder until you can even dump your waste. has the tip: rent a container for your job. The container, which is available in sizes 3m3 to 40m3, is placed in front of your door. You then fill the container with the waste that results from your job. When you are ready, give us a call and we will pick up the container again.

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Why visit the waste dump in Noordoostpolder?

You want to get rid of your waste, but nothing is more annoying than that long queue at the landfill in the municipality of Noordoostpolder. In addition, you will likely have to make several trips to the dump, or even rent a cart and borrow a car with a trailer hitch. All this to get to the waste transfer station Noordoostpolder to dispose of your waste.

On a Saturday at the landfill it can sometimes take up to 2 hours before you are at the recycling center, you could also have spent this time doing odd jobs. In short, a lot of time and hassle for something that should actually be easy.

Opening hours environmental street Noordoostpolder

The opening hours of the recycling center in Noordoostpolder can limit the time you can spend on your demolition, renovation or clean-up job. You will have to go to the recycling center to dump your waste here, this is valuable time that you can better spend on carrying out the job.

If you still want to visit the landfill in Noordoostpolder, it is best to check the opening hours at the municipality of Noordoostpolder. The website states when the landfill is open.

The advantages of renting a container

An container can be at your doorstep within 24 hours. You determine the size of the container yourself, which can vary from 3m3 to 40m3. This way you only pay for the waste that you actually throw away and you do not have to go to the landfill in Noordoostpolder several times.

The big advantage is that we will collect the container again when you have finished filling the container with waste from your job!

How do you rent a container?

You can rent a container quickly and easily via the website. You indicate when you want the container placed and fill in your contact details. Just complete the payment online via iDEAL and then you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with all the details. You can also reach us by phone on 085-0292410 for more information about renting a container in Noordoostpolder!

What can you do with a container?

You can use a container to remove all the waste from your renovation, gardening or construction project. delivers the container to your home or office in Noordoostpolder and collects it again when you are ready!

How much does a container cost?

The price of renting a container is based on the type of waste, the size of the container and whether you want us to collect the waste or not. offers competitive prices for all types of containers in Noordoostpolder!

How do you dispose of your waste?

After you have filled the container with waste, will collect it and take it to the correct waste processor. This way you don't have to worry about anything and you can be sure that your waste is disposed of in a responsible manner!

Busyness in environmental streets, waste stations and landfills in Noordoostpolder

Environmental centres, waste stations and dump sites in Noordoostpolder are becoming increasingly busy because the Dutch are doing odd jobs or doing major cleaning. Garden and pruning waste is removed, as is demolition waste and rubble. To save you time, we advise you to go at the least busy times. It is usually busy on Saturdays at the recycling center of Noordoostpolder, so plan a visit during the week.


Renting an waste container Noordoostpolder is a convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your waste. It saves you a trip to the environmental street of municipality Noordoostpolder. Contact today to rent a container in Noordoostpolder!