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Have asbestos removed

You have asbestos that you are going to remove yourself and want to dispose of. We can assist you with the disposal. Please note that you can remove and dispose of a maximum of 35m2 yourself and it must be bonded asbestos. You may not dispose of non-bonded asbestos yourself. When in doubt, you can always call us for advice.

Please note, asbestos-like material must also be disposed of in this responsible manner.

Remove asbestos in the open air

Tips for removal

You have screwed sheets or corrugated sheets from your shed, utility room, houses and / or dovecote and you want to remove these yourself in the open air. Then here are some tips;

You can easily remove the roof plates by loosening the 6mm bolts (often a key or socket wrench 13). First spray the bolts wet with, for example, a plant sprayer and add a little soapy water to the water so that the fibers from the twisted screw come out wet. The plate itself is usually only 4mm thick, the rest of the bolt is in the wood. Keep the screws in a container or newspaper, which you can dispose of in a container bag that we call an Inliner. You will receive this with the container.

You also have the option of ordering a package of protective clothing from us. This package consists of protective gloves, a face mask and goggles.

Asbestos container with an inliner to place asbestos in

Remove asbestos


We deliver a 6m3 container, which is the size of a parking space and one meter high. 35m2 of roof corrugated sheets will be used (this is the legal self-detachable number of m2) the weight will be approximately 1 ton (1000kg).

The dimensions of the container are height 100cm, width 180cm and length 350cm.

Place the Inliner (container bag)

The supplied 6m3 white container bag (asbestos inliner) resembles a 6m3 big big bag. You place this container bag in the container and unfold it completely. Place the straps or ropes attached to the container bag over the sides of the container. A transparent bag will now also appear and you must expand it completely.

Place asbestos (roof) sheets in the container

You can now carefully place the corrugated asbestos sheets in the container. Rib in rib otherwise you have the chance that it will not fit. Do this very carefully without sliding, because no particles should be released!

Close inliner

You can fold the transparent bag like a present, as it were. Make sure that the bag covers everything well and that there are no open spaces.

You can now close the Inliner with the straps (laces and loops). You start knotting at the high end and continue like this until the low end. Also make sure that there are no more open spaces. Finally, put Duck tape across the seam, so that it is completely sealed.

Before removing asbestos, it is important to close the supplied inliner properly, a video is available for this.

Asbestos inliner closing instructions

Small amounts

Do you only have a small amount, for example a few ceiling plates or a windowsill. Or loose floor cover and floor tiles, you can sometimes remove this yourself under strict conditions. Request information for this from your municipality.

Order container

You can easily order an Asbestos container online from us, choose the desired container via our website or if you want to order directly, click here: rent asbestos container.

You fill in the requested information and pay online via the secure iDEAL environment. You can choose a placement date and preferred time yourself. You can also indicate where you want the container to be placed.

Delivery container

We deliver containers throughout the Netherlands. You can order these from us up to a day in advance. If desired, the driver will call you 10 minutes before placing. We can also place the container without your presence.

Because you can indicate in advance where you want the container to be placed, for example by sending us a photo. You fill the container at your leisure, it may be on your doorstep for 6 weeks rent-free. Do not forget to always seal the bag airtight in the meantime.

If the container is full and ready to be picked up, you can indicate this to us. This can be done by telephone, email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. We will then remove the container on the next working day.

Have asbestos removed at home

Have an asbestos inventory done

Are you going to DIY, renovate, rebuild and / or add to a house that was built before 1994? Then it is best to have an asbestos inventory done. Our expert partner Van Santen advice can investigate whether there is asbestos in your house. If van Santen advice finds a suspicious material, they take a sample, which is then tested in their own laboratory. If asbestos is found, a removal plan follows.

We work together with a certified remediation company. This company takes care of everything for you. From reporting to the municipality to safely removing the asbestos and ensuring that it is safely disposed of. After removal, there is always a follow-up check. It is measured whether no asbestos fibers have remained in the home.

What is the final destination of asbestos?

The collected asbestos is disposed of in special landfills. There are currently no other ways to handle it securely.

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