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Rent a roll container

Rent a roll container for your (company) waste

You can contact us to rent a roll container for the disposal of residual waste, paper or cardboard and organic waste. Our customer service will gladly assist you in finding a roll container for your industrial waste. You have come to the right place for renting a roll container throughout the Netherlands.

You can easily arrange waste disposal in SME via a roll container. has different sizes of roll containers to dispose of your business waste. This also means that waste disposal at SMEs (or small companies) is well organized.

Renting a commercial waste container does not have to be difficult. With national coverage, your industrial waste is also disposed of in a container.

Separating business waste

As a company you are obliged to separate your waste. A permit from the municipality or province states which waste materials you must separate. Via you can then easily rent a roll container for the removal of your business waste.

You can have your company waste, paper/cardboard and swill collected by is a recognized waste collector which has a VIHB registration.

SME waste disposal

In an SME you most likely have waste that you as a company want to get rid of. At we can help you with this.

As a recognized VIHB waste collector, has the option of collecting your industrial waste on frequency or on demand. Your industrial waste can be collected from 1x per month, or more often to several times a week. The rates of are simple and transparent, so you know exactly what you pay per emptying/month.

Rent waste streams roll container

Industrial waste occurs in (almost) every company. Renting a roll container for commercial waste is similar to household waste. So you can easily recognize which materials are allowed in a commercial waste roll container.

A roll container for paper and cardboard is useful when you receive a lot of packages. Think of orders from web shops that are sent by post. By separating the waste, the paper and cardboard waste can easily be recycled. As a result, fewer trees have to be felled to produce new paper/cardboard.

Prices for renting a roll container

You pay an amount at, which includes the following costs: rental of the roll container, environmental surcharges, emptying costs and processing costs for the waste. The prices shown are exclusive of 21% VAT and are all-in (just like all our other products that we offer, that is that easy).

Formats of roll containers

Depending on your wishes, we can deliver roll containers in various sizes.

Do you want to place a roll container inside? Then it is wise to choose a roll container between 240 and a maximum of 660 liters. These fit easily through a normal door.

If you want more volume for your industrial waste, you can opt for a 1100 to 1700 liter roll container.

To give you a clear picture of how much waste you can dispose of in a roll container, we have made an overview of the roll containers that we deliver. Here we have used examples of 40 liters of waste bags.

  • 240 liters (± 6 waste bags)
  • 660 liters (± 16 waste bags)
  • 770 liters (± 19 waste bags)
  • 1100 liters (± 27 waste bags)
  • 1300 liters (± 32 waste bags)
  • 1700 liters (± 42 waste bags)

Emptying frequency

You have the option to determine how often a roll container must be emptied. We will empty the container with you on predetermined days and this will be given to you in an online environment. In addition to viewing your personal emptying calendar, it is also possible to print it out so that all your employees can see on which days we are going to empty your roll container (s). The following overview shows the possible emptying frequencies for a roll container.

  • 2x a week
  • 1x per week
  • 1x per 2 weeks
  • 1x per 4 weeks is a subsidiary of which is specialized in renting out roll containers to companies.


Price from € 53,60


Price from € 16,60


Price from € 40,30


Price from € 41,25


Price from € 25,15

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