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Truck driver wanted

Are you looking for a nice job with a good salary and excellent benefits? Then you have come to the right place at! We are looking for motivated drivers who are in possession of a C/E driving license with Code 95 and VCA Basis. If you are the truck driver we are looking for, you can apply today and get started with us quickly. Read this page for all information about our vacancy truck driver wanted and about

Truck for portal containers to be transported

Truck driver wanted

The demand for truck drivers is currently high. We work with containers that are delivered and collected throughout the Netherlands. This is of course not possible with a small car and trailer. With more than 100 locations throughout the Netherlands, our truck drivers drive to both private and business customers. As a company we set our standards high, such as next day delivery, but we also find it important to work pleasantly with the staff who are committed every day to offer the highest quality. We have been looking for truck drivers for part-time and full-time appointments before and now we are going to expand further, where we can use you very well. If you are in possession of a valid driver's license C/E with Code 95, we would like to speak with you. Who are we actually?

What is rents out waste containers, we deliver throughout the Netherlands. With currently 137 locations, we can quickly deliver containers to any address. If customers order before midnight, they will have a container at their home or work address the next day. The rental is largely automated via our website and customers can contact us for questions about containers or other matters. Our team takes care of customer contact and our truck drivers deliver waste containers to the desired location. After use, the containers are neatly collected and we take care of the waste disposal. In this way we take a large part of the work off our customers' hands. The various departments within our organization work closely together and offer support where necessary. This way we can count on each other to provide the best quality service under optimal working conditions.

Quality, Working Conditions and Environment

We set high standards with regard to quality, which is reflected in the appreciation of our customers. We are looking for truck drivers who have the same motivation to deliver quality. Every satisfied customer gives us energy and inspiration to further improve our organization. This applies not only to our customers, but also to our staff. Are you reading this vacancy truck driver wanted and do you want to know why we are looking for drivers? Quite simply because as an organization we are getting bigger and we also need more motivated people to pull the cart together. Or rather to pull the waste container!

At, our team makes the difference. Although we deliver containers, it is the service with which we can really prove our quality. That is why we put the interests of our employees first, for example by applying strict working conditions conditions. We will always ensure that you can work under responsible conditions and you can always contact us if you have a problem. It is important that everyone feels that they are part of a team that wants the best for both customers and each other.

Sustainability is an important topic in waste processing, for example, we currently achieve 98 percent in recycling. There is no such thing as waste, residual materials can often be reused. There are several types of waste containers for every type of residual material. For example, think of rubble, wood or garden waste. There are also strict rules in the field of pollution and hazardous substances. For example, we cannot and do not want to transport certain substances. As a truck driver you can count on the responsible processing of materials. You will therefore never come into contact with hazardous materials or residues. If there is any doubt about collecting a waste container, please contact the head office and we will look into it for you. In this way we work every day on a sustainable organization.

Portal container placed along the road

What do you do as a truck driver?

As a truck driver you are mainly responsible for dropping off and collecting containers from our customers. This can be individuals as well as companies. We supply small sized containers for smaller projects, but also large containers that are intended for various waste flows. At the office, the planning is made for each day, customers can place an order until midnight for the next (working) day. As a truck driver you get a work schedule and you can then bring or pick up containers within your region.

As a truck driver you are the center of the organization, you are the link between and the customer. You don't have to arrange a lot with the customer, the administration takes care of that. You will coordinate the transfer. This means that you have direct contact with our customers. That is why we are looking for truck drivers who are representative and have good communication skills. As a driver you don't have to sell anything or carry out complicated actions, you are the calling card of our organization. After reading this truck driver wanted vacancy, are you interested in a good job with a reliable employer? Do not hesitate and apply for a job as a driver at

Do you want to work in the transport sector?

Are you an experienced driver in possession of a valid driver's license C/E, Code 95 with a valid driver card? And are you looking for an employer with whom you can make good agreements about working hours? Of course we offer a competitive salary and we do our best to welcome you to our growing team of professionals. Transport and logistics is a great sector to work in, but it is challenging. We welcome employees who like to roll up their sleeves and enjoy a challenge. Our working area is limited to the Netherlands and we have several catchment areas in which we are active. This makes the work for you as a truck driver clear and pleasant. You don't have to travel for days and arrange paperwork, above all you have to be a good driver with communication skills.

What does offer?

In recent years has grown rapidly into a nationwide organization. As a professional company with both permanent and on-call workers, we are service-oriented without forgetting the interests of our staff. We work as a team and complement each other. This means that we ask for flexibility from our employees, but we also do our utmost to be flexible towards you. Do you have questions or challenges that you struggle with? Then we look for a solution together. In addition, we offer safe working conditions and a good salary with excellent secondary benefits. Contact us for more information, we'd love to hear from you.

Portal container placed along the road

What do we expect from you?

Do you want to apply for a truck driver? We think that's fantastic, but what do we expect from you as a driver? In the first place, you must have the correct papers. Specifically this means:

Driving license C/E

Our truck drivers must be in possession of a C/E driving license. This means that as a driver you may tow a trailer or semi-trailer with a weight above 750 kilos. This driving license is valid for five years after issue. If you are in possession of Code 95 you must be at least 18 years old, without Code 95 the minimum age is 21 years. Are you not yet in possession of a C/E driver's license, but do you want to get one? Please contact us, we will point you in the right direction.

Code 95

If you want to work as a truck driver for, you must also be in possession of Code 95 in addition to a C/E driving license. This is a code on your driving license that is located behind the vehicle category. This code is valid for five years, with further training you can extend this designation. If you want to work as a professional driver in the EU, you are required to have a Code 95 according to the Professional Competency Directive. You can get a Code 95 by completing the basic qualification.

Driver card vehicles are equipped with a Smart Tachograph. Driving and rest times are recorded with a driver card. The maps are provided by Kiwa Register on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. When the driver card is issued, a distinction is made between drivers from an EU country and from outside. If it concerns a truck driver who does not come from an EU country, a temporary card can be applied for.

VCA Basic

As a truck driver you are an executive employee without a managerial role. This means that you need a VCA Basis. This certification is also called B-VCA, previously it was VCA-1. With this diploma you can show that you are aware of safe and healthy working. You are aware of the Arbo laws and regulations, you can recognize unsafe situations and prevent work accidents. You can pass the VCA basic exam via VCANederland. There are classroom courses or you can take an online course.

We appreciate it if you are flexible. At containers are delivered and collected from Monday to Friday, but orders on Saturday morning are also possible. You don't have to be available 24/7, but we certainly appreciate some flexibility. We are looking for both part-time and full-time drivers, so the number of hours per week is negotiable. This way we meet each other and you can tailor the work to your private life.

As a driver you will often be on your way from depot to customer and back. So you have to have the right papers and show good behavior on the road. In addition to driving, a transfer will also take place. That is why it is important that you can communicate well with our planning and that you carefully arrange the transfer with the customer. Of course we will teach you exactly what to do and how. In addition to B2B (business customers), we also deliver to private customers. If you are not too shy to speak to our customers, apply as a truck driver at

Apply for truck driver

Are you looking for a new challenge and do you want to join our team? Then we ask you to apply for a truck driver. As a leading organization in the transport sector and waste processing, is a reliable employer. Your effort will be rewarded. Submit your resume today and apply for a job as a truck driver.

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Maurice Hagen

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