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Container rental

Renting a container is possible in different sizes, but also in different waste streams. In order not to have to pay too much money, these types of rent a container are split up on the website.

You can drive back and forth several times with your car to the municipal yard. That takes a lot of time and at many, if not all municipalities you can only deposit waste.

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Available waste containers

At there is always a waste container available for different jobs, so there is always a container for your job!

Not sure which container is needed for your job, or do you just have a question? No problem, our customer service is available every day! reviews

Reviews from our customers

Heel tevreden, prima voor elkaar. Als ik weer een afvalcontainer nodig heb zal ik zeker weer bij jullie terug komen !! Vriendelijke groet: M Demming.

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uitstekende service en optijd geleverd.

Advice on waste containers

Have you not been able to find the answer to your question? No problem, our customer service is ready for you!

Who is a waste container suitable for?

Renting a waste container is suitable for individuals and companies who want to do odd jobs, renovate or dispose of waste.

When you rent a waste container, you do not have to drive to the landfill independently to dispose of the waste. By placing a container via, this is arranged for you. The container is placed at the desired time, after which you can immediately fill the container with your waste. As soon as the job is done, or the container is full, request a pick-up. We will then collect the container and recycle the waste.

Which container to rent?

First you choose what type, a sales container (3m3 to 40m3), roll container (240 liters to 1300 litres) or a Big Bag (1m3 or 3m3).

You then make a choice from the type of waste, such as industrial waste, paper/cardboard, construction and demolition waste, bulky waste, rubble, roof waste or sand/soil.

We advise you to estimate the number of cubic meters (m3) broadly, because this saves costs if it turns out to be more waste.

What size container do I need?

If you have a lot of waste to dispose of, it is most economical to rent a 3㎥ to 40㎥ container. This is placed and you fill it with your waste. These containers are available in the waste streams: bulky waste, construction and demolition waste, debris, garden waste, wood, roof waste, green, sand / soil, residual waste, household goods, paper and cardboard, asbestos & piepschuim.

If you need to dispose of a small amount (1㎥ to 3㎥), order a Big Bag for waste. This will be sent by post, which we will then collect and recycle your waste.

Does your company regularly have waste? Then you rent a roll container. With a roll container you can easily dispose of industrial waste and/or paper/cardboard. This can be done by frequency or on-demand emptying.

How quickly can I rent a container?

If you rent a container on working days before 16:30 am, it can be delivered the next working day.

Around the holidays it can take longer before a container can be placed or picked up. We will process this on our website, so you will always see the current delivery and collection times on the website.

Why rent a waste container?

If you are renovating, doing odd jobs or cleaning up, you want to be ready as soon as possible. You do not want to stand in line at the landfill during or after your job has been completed. Especially on a Saturday it can be busy at the dump.

When you rent a container for your waste through, we will place a container in front of your door. You fill the container, Big Bag or roll container with the waste. When the container is full, we will collect it again (or exchange it for a new one) and we will recycle your waste into new, reusable products. That's why you choose an rent a waste container over!

When to order a container?

To ensure that you have placed the container when you start working, we recommend ordering the container at least 1 week in advance. It is possible that several people will rent a container last-minute.

Ook is het handig om de container 1 dag voor de werkzaamheden te laten plaatsen, hierdoor kunt u direct 's ochtends beginnen met het plaatsen van uw afval in de container. Hierdoor heeft u het afval niet 2x in uw handen.

How long do I need a container?

On average, a rented container is on location for 2 weeks. But if you need the container longer than 2 weeks, no problem, the rented container may remain rent-free for up to 6 weeks. After that, we charge extra costs for the rental of the waste container. We will inform you about this at least 1 week in advance.

Is there a deposit on container rental?

No, you do not have to pay a deposit when renting a container via

Can I count on extra or unexpected costs?

If you adhere to the rules of container rental, you will not receive any additional costs. The prices on the website are all-in rates.

The rules/conditions are listed on our website for the chosen container, such as which materials are allowed in the container, the size and possibly overloaded.

Can I exchange a rented container for a new one?

Yes, this is possible. If your rented waste container is already full, you can order a (new) waste container. You do this by filling in the collection form, where you have the choice to have the container exchanged.

In the event of a switch, we will charge the costs for the extra container.