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Sand removal municipality

Sometimes you are sitting on black seed, sometimes you are on black sand. Where can you dispose of soil in your municipality? There is no unequivocal answer to this because municipalities can determine its own rules and employees can even apply different standards. For sand disposal in your municipality, you can visit the municipal website or look at the page of the local waste disposal. On this page you can read more about dumping sand and we give tips about collecting black sand.

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Where to dispose of soil?

There are several places to dispose of soil. If possible, reuse your soil elsewhere in the garden. To build an elevation, for example, for a vegetable garden or as a base for a decking. The soil type must of course be suitable for this.

Sand removal municipality

If it concerns a few cubic meters, in a number of cases you can dispose of sand via the municipality. Keep in mind that there are costs associated with this. You will also have to arrange your own transport. Outsourcing can save time and costs.

Sand with a shovel

Where can you deposit sand?

There are people who drive a trailer full of sand to the forest to dump sand there. We do not recommend this because it is not only prohibited but can also be harmful to nature. You can sometimes go to the recycling center for smaller quantities, but check beforehand what the rules and limits are.

Where to dispose of sand?

First of all, it is important to know what type of sand it concerns. For example, you can dispose of yellow sand or black sand, garden waste or a combination of categories. Simply put you have the most possibilities with clean sand of one type, if this is not the case then collection by a company can save you a lot of headaches.

Where to discharge black sand?

If it concerns clean earth, ask in the neighborhood if you can do someone a favor with it. You can also dispose of black sand via a container that is specifically intended for this. Mixed soil or garden waste must be separated, which entails additional costs. This can also save you a lot of time.

Get black sand picked up

If you have a lot of soil to spare, you could place an ad on a website like Marktplaats. This way you can have black sand collected. This is not the easiest route because you do not know in advance whether someone will respond and whether the person who comes can be trusted. Renting a container including delivery and collection of black sand may be a bit more expensive, but it does offer you security.

Sand with a person with shoes on it

Garden sand removal

Is the garden being dug up and are you left with residual material? It is possible to rent a container for various types of garden waste. You can remove garden sand where you first remove all remains of roots and plants, it is possible to use an garden waste container to rent. Inquire about the options and rates per type of waste.

Draining soil from garden

If it concerns soil without other materials, you can dispose of soil from the garden in a container that is intended for this. Think black or white sand. Then further separation is not required, which will reduce costs. The container supplier can explain exactly what is needed and what costs are involved.

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