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Renovate attic

In many homes, the attic is a musty space that is mainly used to store boxes of things that you will never use again. That is a waste of these cubic meters. In addition, there is a good chance that you pay too much for energy because the attic is not optimally insulated. Renovating the attic is an investment that provides other benefits in addition to living comfort. Maybe it's time to dump those boxes in the bulky waste container of Or, where possible, to use these items elsewhere for reuse. Then you can renovate the attic the way you want and how it fits within your budget.

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Clearing the attic for a renovation

Renovating attic with dormer window

The largest cost items when renovating an attic are installing a fixed staircase and installing a dormer window. If you already have a fixed staircase to the attic, you will immediately save 2,000 to 5,000 euros. A dormer window costs between 3500 and 8500 euros. Still, renovating an attic with a dormer window is a good idea in most cases. This way you can turn a storage space into an extra room. A small skylight is dwarfed by a large dormer window that lets in a lot of daylight. The window also makes the room optically larger because you can see far away.

An important difference between a (large) skylight and a dormer window is the extra space that you get. If you have a traditional gable roof, the height in a large part of the attic is limited. A dormer window protrudes so that you immediately create more usable volume. It does not increase the floor space, but the content increases considerably. The reason why the costs for a dormer window vary so much has to do with the width of the windows. If you opt for a dormer window over the entire width, the incidence of light is optimal and you benefit even more from that extra space.

When renovating an attic with a dormer window, you will first have to inquire whether there are municipal restrictions for these types of adjustments to the home. It is a type of extension that is clearly visible from the outside. In addition, the construction must of course be safe, discuss the options with the contractor. If a significant part of the roof has to be removed, you can rent a container from to dispose of the waste according to the rules. You can also immediately clean up the rest of the waste in the attic. Check the website for approximately how much waste you can dispose of per type of container.

Desk in the attic with a skylight

Attic renovation costs

The cost of renovating an attic strongly depends on the work that you have carried out. Roof insulation is an investment that is relatively cheap but will yield many benefits. Especially if you want to convert the attic into 2 bedrooms, you can quickly recoup the costs on the energy bill. You can insulate the roof from the outside or from the inside. The option for insulation from the inside is cheaper, but the total volume of the room is somewhat smaller. There is a difference in thickness per type of insulation material. Cheaper options are often considerably thicker, this is a trade-off that you have to make. If you want to convert the attic into a bedroom, choose insulation material that not only offers thermal insulation but also acoustic insulation. This means that you will not be bothered by noises on the street.

When converting an attic into 2 bedrooms, the costs for a partition wall are around 1,000 euros. Then we only have about the separation between two rooms, of course more work is needed to prepare the bedrooms for living. In larger homes in particular, you increasingly see residents rent out space in the attic. This way you can quickly recoup the costs. You will have to register the space as a rental unit, you can also consider installing sanitary facilities or a kitchen unit per space.

Attic renovation contractor

If you are looking for a contractor for an attic renovation, you can request several quotes online. Renovating an attic room quickly is not always an option, at least not for a reasonable rate. Do you want to renovate and insulate a dormer window and attic, create several bedrooms and have a fixed staircase installed? A contractor will typically prefer larger projects because they generate more revenue. Do ask for references, especially if it concerns a larger project.

Question: how much does it cost to renovate an attic?

When renovating an attic, the costs are on average between 5,000 and 15,000 euros. If it concerns a storage space or a hobby room, the costs are very different from living space or a sauna with sanitary facilities, to name just a few examples. If you can do some work yourself beforehand, such as clearing the space, you can save on costs. Check for the possibilities. However, do not skimp on the quality of the work. It is a sustainable investment that you will not only enjoy immediately, it will also benefit you later. Think of energy savings and a higher home value.

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