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Dormers renovation

Renovating a dormer window is no easy task. Work must be done on the inside and outside, working on the roof always entails danger. Particularly when the weather is bad, dormer renovation will be a challenging job. Climbing onto the roof yourself is not responsible for most homeowners, yet you can control a lot, such as the disposal of residual materials. At you will quickly find the right container to get rid of your old materials. This is a fast, efficient and affordable solution. You can read more about dormer renovation on this page or contact us for information about waste separation and disposal.

Order construction and demolition waste container

Roof renovation

First, the decision will have to be made whether to completely replace or renovate the old dormer window. If it is decided to first tear everything down and start over, more material will have to be removed. You can calculate the approximate number of cubic meters of waste in advance and rent a disposal bin based on this sum. It can be more difficult to make this estimate for renovation. Discuss with the contractor what work needs to be carried out and how much residual materials there will be. Based on this, it is then easy to renovate the dormer window. Why would you even start this project? These are the main benefits of dormer renovation:

  • If parts of the dormer window are still in good condition, the renovation costs will be considerably lower.
  • The nuisance in the house will be limited compared to completely demolishing and rebuilding.
  • By renovating old dormer windows, the insulation value can be significantly improved, which has a favorable effect on the energy bill.
  • Renewing instead of painting can reduce costs in the long run.
  • Depending on the starting point, it may not be necessary to perform work indoors.

The amount of waste that is released when the dormer window is renovated depends on the current condition and the width of the dormer window. The construction can be made of wood, plastic or a combination of materials. Depending on the residual materials, a different type of disposal container will be required. By separating waste in advance, costs can be saved. If it is not possible to separate waste yourself, you can opt for a disposal bin that is suitable for residual waste. View the options on or contact us for more information.

Dormer renovation costs

There are quite a few options and features that affect the price. It is therefore difficult to give the costs for renovation of the dormer window because the prices are different in every situation. The contractor will first carry out an inspection to determine what work and materials are required. You then have the choice of wood or plastic and then also in different qualities. Extra insulation is more expensive to purchase, but this difference is quickly recouped through energy savings. In addition to the dormer window, the choice of glass also has a major impact on energy performance. Always request one or more quotes first and discuss the options with the contractor.


Which dumpster to rent?

If you want to rent a waste container or disposal bin for dormer renovation, it is possible that you also want to dispose of other waste immediately. For example, if you want to renovate the attic as a whole or want to create space, you will have residual materials that are not directly related to the renovation work. If you are not sure which disposal bin is most suitable for a specific type of waste, please do not hesitate to contact us. Then together we will look at what is possible and which method of separating and disposing of waste is most favorable in your situation. Via you can quickly find the correct waste container for every job.

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