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Dispose of sod

What is the best way to dispose of sod? In the organic waste bin, with the household waste or do you take it to the recycling center? A container is the best solution for a large number of sods. There are a number of things to take into account when cleaning up the garden and disposing of residual materials. On this page you can read everything you need to know about grass and soil disposal.

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Dispose of sod in a container

Various materials are used in and around the house. Think of stones, wood, soil or grass. You can throw everything in a big heap and have it disposed of, you can also separate the waste first. This is not only better for the environment but also for the wallet. When disposing of sod, there are other things to take into account than, for example, with white or black soil. In addition to removing grass and soil, you can also rent a garden waste container at What exactly is the difference between garden waste and sod?

Dispose of sod

Dispose of sod

In a standard garden there is a combination of sand, plants and objects made of wood or plastic. If you dispose of these residual materials together, you will incur additional costs. It is even possible that the waste is not accepted at the recycling center. You can deposit many materials in an garden waste container where there are maximum permitted amounts per type of waste. For example, you may dispose of grass and soil in a garden waste container with a maximum of 15 percent sod and 15 percent soil or sand. The rest of the container should be filled with leaves, trees and plants. You can also dispose of stones, tiles, plastic and planters with these containers.

If you opt for mixed waste, additional costs will be charged to process this waste. This does not have to be the case with soil and sod disposal because less time is required for processing. It is therefore recommended to separate the residual materials beforehand and offer them separately for processing. With a sod cutter and a tiller you can separate the various layers in the soil to process them separately. There are big bags for rent, if it concerns larger quantities, renting a container is considerably easier. Ask the employees of about the possibilities.

Dispose of soil and sod

Do you want to dispose of large amounts of soil with sod? Then the organic waste bin falls short, driving up and down with a passenger car to the recycling center is also not practical. In that case, it is better to rent a container for this specific application at the disposal of sod. To loosen sod from the ground, you can work manually with a shovel or hire a special machine. Removing grass by machine is not only faster, there will also be considerably less volume released. When excavating, a lot of soil will remain in the grass and those kilos add up considerably to the total amount. You can process the soil separately or give it a new purpose elsewhere in the garden.

What's better than draining soil and grass? Reuse of course. For example, if you want to build a terrace and the quality of the grass is otherwise okay, you might be able to make the neighbors happy with it. Separating the soil from the grass can also make a lot of difference, maybe you can make an elevation somewhere in the garden. However, if the old grass is full of moss and there are many roots in the soil, it is better to drain the soil with sod. Otherwise you run the risk that weeds will quickly take over the garden.

Hilly landscape with grass

Tips for cheap sod disposal

  • Cut grass off the ground as much as possible. This way you save a lot in volume.
  • By separating sod from plants or rubble yourself, you do not have to pay a storage fee.
  • Disposing of sod in your own car can be very heavy, which puts a lot of strain on the ash.
  • Additional costs are charged at the recycling center for cars with a trailer.
  • Disposal in a container is usually cheaper than offering it to the recycling center for processing.
  • There are containers of various sizes. Estimate the amount in cubic meters in advance.
  • Are the neighbors going to renew too? Work together and save on sod disposal costs.

Why separate garden waste?

Instead of disposing of sod and neatly separating everything, it is certainly possible to have the garden waste collected together in a container. In that case, the specialists at will separate the materials and process them further. In that case, additional costs will be charged, inquire without obligation about the possibilities and rates. If there are potentially hazardous materials, they may not be moved just like that. If you are going to dispose of soil with turf that also contains asbestos or chemical waste, you are punishable by law. That is why it is good to separate garden waste and dispose of it responsibly. If you are not sure whether harmful materials are present in the soil, have this checked by a specialist first.

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