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bathroom remodel

Renovating the bathroom can yield wonderful results, but it is not a job to be taken lightly. For example, you first have to completely strip the room, dispose of waste and then lay pipes, tile walls and place equipment step by step. You can outsource the work for the bathroom, or work together with a contractor to divide the burden and costs. You can read more about the costs, the options and the best results with a bathroom remodel on this page. For the disposal of demolition materials you can go Not sure which container you need? Check out the website or read on for more information about separating waste.

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Bathroom renovation costs

Renovating a bathroom can be expensive. On the one hand you can save money in the short term by not tackling everything, on the other hand it is more expensive if you have the work carried out several times. Partial renovation is often not practical, especially in a bathroom. The average costs for a bathroom renovation are between 5000 and 7500 euros. This is an average-sized bathroom with standard materials. It goes without saying that the costs of renovating a small bathroom are considerably lower than with a large room. But if you opt for luxury brands or, for example, a bathtub with jacuzzi, the price for a bathroom remodel will skyrocket. Also take into account additional costs for renovating the bathroom. For example, when you renovate the bathroom, you must first remove the old tiles. You then have to dispose of this debris.

Repaint the wall of a bathroom renovation

When you dispose of rubble, there are several options. First, the type of waste. Although it is easy to dispose of everything as residual waste, it is certainly worthwhile to separate waste. It is better to separate old pipes or ceramic tiles in advance. Old iron is often collected from home for free by iron farmers who ensure that these materials are reused. Tiles and concrete are allowed in the rubble container. This means that you have less waste and the rates for the disposal of rubble are lower than for the disposal of residual waste. Because then you pay extra for separating your waste. The costs for renovating a bathroom are already high enough, by cleverly separating and processing you have more budget for your new bathroom.

When renovating the bathroom, there are costs that you have to make, but also pay attention to the savings that are possible. An overview of average costs for a bathroom renovation often lacks expenses such as applying for permits or renting a disposal container. Make a checklist and complete all points so that you do not miss anything and are not faced with unpleasant surprises.

Renovate a small bathroom

Small is beautiful. If you have a small shower or bathroom, every cubic centimeter counts. But instead of staring at the limitations, look at the possibilities. Remodeling a small shower is a bit different than remodeling a small bathroom. So let's deal with these two jobs separately.

When renovating a small shower, you don't just look at the floor space in square meters, but at the volume in cubic meters. You can make a lot of profit by cleverly hanging cupboards or installing a fold-out mirror or bracket. Look closely at the dimensions of the shower cubicle. For example, you can consciously choose a small shower tray with a curtain, but the environment can get wet as a result. You could also consider installing a slightly larger shower cubicle with a fixed door and side walls. Then you retain sufficient freedom of movement and the bathroom remains dry. It goes without saying that ventilation is of great importance when renovating a small shower. Always use anti-fungal paint in this damp room.

Refurbished bathroom

When renovating a small bathroom, you can make the space appear larger by using tiles with a light color. Dark colored tiles can give the room a luxurious appearance, but it can come across as oppressive. Furnish the space in a multifunctional way, for example by placing a bathtub with shower head and jacuzzi stand. Do you really want luxury? Make your bathroom 'smart' with smart lamps and a smart speaker. This way you can dim the lights from the bath or switch them on brightly without using your (wet) hands. You can also listen to your favorite music or serene sounds.

There are certainly overlaps when remodeling a small shower or remodeling a small bathroom. For example, in a room with a bath, you can consider installing a corner bath that creates extra space for a separate shower cubicle. You don't have to stand in the bathtub every time to take a shower.

Shower remodeling costs

When renovating a shower, the costs per meter are often not that far off from renovating a bathroom. Most of the money is in the planning, breaking out, tiling and labor hours. A shower cabin or bathtub does not make the biggest difference. Therefore, when renovating a shower, count costs between 5000 and 7500 euros for a space of about 9 square meters.

Shower in a white bathroom

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

The average costs are between 5000 and 7500 euros for a space of 9 square meters. Of course, this strongly depends on the materials you choose and the hourly rate of the contractor. What does a bathroom remodel cost for your situation? Request multiple quotes from contractors to compare rates.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

If you do it yourself, you can save thousands of dollars. Of course it requires more work, days off and you need to have quite a bit of knowledge. Saving money now and starting again after a few years is of course not a smart investment. How much does a bathroom remodel cost? Make a list of priorities, requirements and wishes in order to arrive at a feasible budget.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

When you make an estimate, you have to calculate all the costs. In addition to the prices for tiles and the installation of a bathtub, there are also costs such as installing, moving or removing pipes, the disposal of residual materials, waste and unforeseen matters. How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom? Start looking up prices and break down the costs by part. So a list for demolition and waste disposal, including renting a disposal bin, material costs and the rate for labour.

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