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Rent waste container in Schellinkhout?

Do you want a rent a waste container in Schellinkhout? Via you can easily and quickly rent a container in Schellinkhout.

With years of experience, we provide the perfect container for every job. Do you order the container on a working day before 23:59? Then your rented container will be at your door the next day in Schellinkhout!

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Ordered before 23:59: delivered on Monday*
Delivery in Schellinkhout (and the rest of the Netherlands)
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Rent a container Schellinkhout

Would you like to rent a waste container in Schellinkhout? An rent a container in Schellinkhout is easily and quickly arranged via With years of experience, we provide the perfect container for every job. Do you order the waste container on a working day before 23:59? Then your rented container will be at your door the next day in Schellinkhout!

Waste container in Schellinkhout

Are you renovating or gardening in Schellinkhout? Then you will most likely have a lot of waste. You would like to dispose of this waste or have it removed. Via you can easily and quickly rent a waste container for disposal. We deliver the container to your location, after which you can fill it yourself. Have you finished disposing of your waste? Then you can submit a collection request and we will collect the container from you. This means you do not have to drive to the landfill yourself to dispose of your waste. has the right waste container for you. We use very competitive prices. Throughout the Netherlands we provide the waste containers for business and private customers for every job, so also in your area of ​​Schellinkhout we ensure that your container is removed according to current standards. Have you found the right container? Then rent them easily via the website.

Container rental in 24 hours

We can ensure that the waste container is at your door in 24 hours. Whether it is a 3m³ or 40m³ container, we deliver our containers from Monday to Friday. Because of our national coverage, we can always place a waste container with you.

Do you have specific questions about a container in Schellinkhout and surroundings? Then you can contact customer service via our email, telephone, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Permit for container in Schellinkhout

Do you want to rent a container in Schellinkhout? You do not need a permit if you place the container on your own property, garden or driveway. If you have no room for this, the container will have to be placed on the municipal ground such as the pavement or a parking lot. To ensure that you do not incur unexpected costs, we advise you to contact the municipality of Drechterland in advance.

Here are some important points to take into account:

  • Location of the container; parking space, street or yard
  • How long does the container stay in place
  • Which discharge flow it concerns, for example wood, construction and demolition waste or green, etc.
  • Inform your neighbors that a container will be placed
  • This container is only for you
  • Does not allow other people to put their waste in your container

For further information you can always contact us. Feel free to call, email, chat or WhatsApp. is not liable for any damage, you should check this yourself at the municipality.

Additional information about demolish kitchen in Schellinkhout, dispose of roof waste in Schellinkhout.

There are also other cities nearby, such as Hoorn, Drechterland, Stede Broec, Koggenland, Enkhuizen, Opmeer, Medemblik, Edam-Volendam, Beemster & Purmerend. reviews

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Dik tevredenen ! Telefonisch contact en contact met chauffeur was super

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Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't find the answer to your question? No problem, our customer service is ready for you!

What are the rates for a container in Schellinkhout?

To determine the rate for a waste container, you must first know which waste flow and format you need. On the basis of this information it is possible to determine the price of a waste container.

Why rent a waste container in Schellinkhout?

You do not have to free up time to go to the waste dump in Schellinkhout yourself, we will place the container at your location. This prevents one or more trips to the Schellinkhout waste transfer station.

You are not bound by certain opening times, because of the long rental period you have a while to fill the container with waste.

It's easy, we place the container. You fill it with waste and then notify us that the container can be picked up. We then process the waste so that it is recycled.

Saves on costs, since you divide the waste directly into the correct waste streams, this does not have to be done by us. We can therefore recycle much more waste for the low costs that we charge.

How fast is a waste container placed in Schellinkhout?

During the ordering process it is possible to select the delivery day. The containers are placed every working day, but we do need one working day to schedule the container.

Due to the crowds, it is not always possible to place the container on the next working day, so we advise everyone to order an order waste container in Schellinkhout as early as possible.

How long can a container remain in Schellinkhout?

The price for a container includes 6 weeks of rent, until then the container may remain free of charge. After the 6 weeks, additional costs will be charged.

If you have finished your job earlier, we will pick up the container again. On average, a container is placed for 9 days.

After ordering, you can submit a collection request for the container, so you can be sure that the container will be picked up at the desired time.

Do I need a permit for a container in Schellinkhout?

To be sure whether you need a permit for a container, you will have to check this with the municipality.

If a container is placed on private land, this will not be necessary. However, it is useful to cover the container in the evening so that others do not just dump waste in it.

Which payment method can I use to rent a container in Schellinkhout?

At, payments are settled online via iDEAL or bank transfer. After payment, the invoice will be sent for your own administration.

Can I rent a business container in Schellinkhout?

Yes, you can rent a waste container at as a private individual and company. The invoice will be sent after the order to the specified e-mail address for the administration.

Container formats Schellinkhout

Different sizes of containers are available in Schellinkhout! Below you will find an overview of all sizes of containers that we supply.

You can fill the containers with different types of waste. Examples include rubble, construction and demolition waste, garden waste and asbestos. Depending on the demolition project/job project you are carrying out, you will need a certain type of container. When renting a waste container in Schellinkhout via, you have one less thing to worry about, we arrange the installation & collection and recycling of the container from A to Z for you.

Locations in Schellinkhout

If you are looking for container rental in the Schellinkhout region, is the place to be. Delivery and collection of the container takes place via one of the locations in region Schellinkhout. This way you can quickly and efficiently get started with cleaning up your waste. (Middenmeer)

Agriport 149

1775 TA Middenmeer (Biddinghuizen)

Biddingringweg 23

8256 PB Biddinghuizen (Bunschoten)

Haarbrug 22

3751 LM Bunschoten (Harderwijk)

Snelliusstraat 20

3846 BT Harderwijk