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Kitchen renovation costs

What does a kitchen renovation cost? Well, if you cook at home instead of a few dinners out, then you have earned the costs of renovating your kitchen! That says more about food in the hospitality industry than what you pay for a brand new kitchen. On this page we look at the costs associated with renovating the kitchen and which buttons you can turn to realize the perfect kitchen with every budget.

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Kitchen renovation costs

Renovating a kitchen is cheaper than installing a completely new kitchen. You only replace the parts that are worn out or where you want to make improvements. You can renovate a kitchen yourself for less than 1000 euros and for roughly 4000 euros you can furnish a kitchen that is as good as new. By way of comparison, you pay an average of between 5,000 and 20,000 euros for a new kitchen.

In the introduction we mentioned the costs in the hospitality industry. They have increased considerably in recent years. That is not a sneer at catering operators, because of Corona and rising energy prices it makes sense that you have to pay more for a delicious meal on a heated terrace. For many people it is an incentive to cook for themselves more often. With services such as Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon that deliver ingredients measured fresh to your home, the threshold for cooking delicious meals at home is even lower. As a result, many homeowners want to refresh their old kitchen. You notice that parts are outdated or do not work practically. You may want to get rid of the gas connection and switch to electric cooking because you have solar panels on the roof. There are so many options that it is difficult to accurately calculate the costs for kitchen renovation to the euro. We will help you with a number of tips, but what are the benefits of kitchen renovation?

Advantages of kitchen renovation

Why should you renovate? These are the main benefits of kitchen renovation:

  • The kitchen renovation costs are lower than installing a new kitchen.
  • Less time is needed to renovate an existing kitchen.
  • You don't have to get used to completely new parts and furnishings.
  • Installing new pipes or electricity is hardly necessary.
  • There are plenty of options based on your budget and preferences.
  • It is possible to do the job yourself, outsource it or do it together.
  • There is less waste during renovation, so you can get started with a smaller disposal container.
  • Renovating is an environmentally conscious solution.

Kitchen renovation costs are lower than installing a completely new kitchen. This gives you the freedom to choose higher quality parts. Instead of replacing all cabinets with standard quality elements, you can give the old cabinets a lick of paint and invest in a special kitchen worktop.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

If you only replace the fronts instead of new cabinets, you will pay an average of between 500 and 1000 euros for 3 cabinets and drawers. A fairly simple but effective intervention is to have your old kitchen wrapped. This costs on average between 500 and 1500 euros for a standard kitchen. Wrapping is not only a cosmetic procedure, it also protects the woodwork and other materials under the top layer. You pay 50 to 100 euros per device for connecting equipment, built-in appliances can take a little more time and effort. If you have someone renovate the kitchen, you will pay between 20 and 40 euros per hour. The costs for appliances in the kitchen can vary greatly. You can buy an extractor hood for 50 euros or for 500 euros and much more expensive. A gas stove is cheaper than induction, but electric cooking has unique advantages.

6 kitchen renovation tips

To map out the costs for kitchen renovation, make a list of wishes and priorities. If you assume a fixed budget, you can calculate per component how much money you can allocate to a specific cost item. In addition to costs, you can also include the time factor. Is it really necessary to renew the refrigerator or can it last for a few more years? Here are the main points to consider when renovating a kitchen:

1. Do you do it yourself or do you outsource it?

If you hire a contractor, a significant part of your budget will be spent on personnel costs. You do save time with it and if it concerns craftsmanship, the result will be better. There are a number of things you can do yourself, such as removing old parts. If you can carry out the preliminary work yourself, the contractor will finish a lot faster.

2. Gas or electric?

This is a good time to determine whether you want to go completely off the gas. If you cook on gas and heat the water via the kettle, you can replace this with electrical alternatives. At the moment cooking on gas is still slightly cheaper, but this can change. If you generate enough energy with solar panels, it is certainly interesting to consider electric cooking.

3. Comfort versus budget

A cooking island in the middle of the kitchen with a hanging extractor hood looks beautiful, but what price tag does this luxury have? In addition to the kitchen island, you will also have to move pipes. Moving less means more budget for quality of the material. Make sure that you can work comfortably, for example, think of a higher kitchen worktop if you are tall.

4. Prefer pretty or practical?

Have you ever been in a catering kitchen? They really don't work on a shiny natural stone kitchen counter that discolors due to a drop of citric acid. The eye also wants what is but a kitchen and remains a place to cook. This means sleek elements that are easy to clean, materials that can withstand heat, cold, dirt and cleaning agents. It doesn't have to be a stainless steel catering kitchen, but don't let yourself be tempted too much by frills that are of no use to you in the kitchen.

5. What does consumption cost?

In addition to the costs for kitchen renovation, you should also take into account the consumption costs. Think about energy: A fridge with an A label saves you tens of euros per year compared to your old fridge. Under consumption you also have to count wear and tear. A kitchen worktop that lasts 5 years but is half the price of a kitchen worktop that lasts 15 years is actually more expensive.

6. What do you do with waste?

Because you won't replace everything and have to break down less, you will also have less waste materials. It will be more waste than fits in the gray bin or waste bag. Make it easy on yourself and rent a dumpster. You can rent the right bin based on the type of waste. Residual waste will probably be the best fit for kitchen renovation. Check the website for all options, contents of the disposal bin and prices including delivery and collection.

What dishes will you prepare in your new kitchen? In any case, we wish you a lot of fun cooking and tasty food.

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