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How much does it cost to demolish a kitchen? Not only can a new kitchen cost you a rib, demolishing an old kitchen is also accompanied by a considerable cost. You can do it yourself or outsource it, there are pros and cons for both solutions. Demolishing a kitchen and installing a new one can be a lot of work. With a good step-by-step plan and the tips on this page, the project will run a lot smoother. Don't forget to dispose of residual materials. demolish kitchen; what to watch out for You can read it on this page.

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Kitchen demolition costs

How much does it cost to demolish and dispose of a kitchen? If it is outsourced, count between 400 and 800 euros for a contractor if it concerns a standard kitchen. In addition to working hours, you also have to consider renting a container, the disposal of materials and preparing the space for the installation of the new kitchen.

In the case of a kitchen demolition, also include the price of disposal. Your own waste bin will not be sufficient or will become very expensive due to municipal costs. With a container from you are not only free of your waste easily but also affordably. On the website you can immediately see what the costs are per type of waste and volume. The handy 'translation' to wheelbarrows on the page comes in handy to determine exactly how much volume a cubic meter is.

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Demolish the kitchen yourself

You want to demolish a kitchen, how do you proceed? First of all, by making a plan with the steps you need to take. If you start chopping blindly, you really don't gain any time, you will only encounter more obstacles along the way. When demolishing the kitchen, it is smart to immediately separate waste flows. So a pile of plastic, tiles or things that you may still be able to reuse.

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You can say that the costs of demolishing a kitchen by a contractor are more expensive. You can save a lot of time and effort with it. If residual materials are also removed immediately, you do not have to come up with a solution. If there is possible asbestos in your home, you should always have a specialist come, in this case do not start it yourself!

Demolish and dispose of the kitchen

When demolishing an old kitchen, you have to deal with waste. It is not always immediately clear whether it concerns bulky waste or residual waste. That is something to take into account when processing by a recycling company. When demolishing tiles from the kitchen, you can dump them with the rubble, but the proportion of rubble in kitchens is not always sufficient to process this separately. A bulky waste container will in most cases be more obvious than a residual waste container.

What are the costs of demolishing and disposing of a kitchen? The default rule is; the more you can separate, the lower the costs will be. Renting a container for residual waste from is a simple solution, but you can save money by separating waste. If you throw away more with the old paper or in the glass container, you may be able to suffice with a smaller container size.

You can demolish the costs of a kitchen and significantly reduce places by making a plan in advance. Of course you already have the dream image of the result in your head, first make a step-by-step plan for both the demolition and the installation of the new kitchen.

Demolish kitchen supplies

In any case, to demolish a kitchen you need a hammer, stone chisel and safety glasses. A pair of work gloves that fit well is certainly not a luxury. For electricity you will need a screwdriver and a voltage tester is recommended. Face masks can be pleasant during work, don't forget very simple things such as waste bags. If you plan your work during daylight, you don't need extra lighting.

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Step-by-step plan for kitchen demolition

How a kitchen demolition works will differ per situation. However, for the most part, the steps you take will match.

  1. Do you have tools for a kitchen demolition at home? Make sure you have all the materials to hand so that you don't have to drive up and down to a DIY store.
  2. Arrange a waste container in time if you want to dispose of large amounts of material.
  3. Before demolishing the kitchen, you must first shut off water, which is very important. This also applies to the gas pipeline and electricity. In any case, do not immediately cut and break.
  4. If you are going to demolish tiles, always work from top to bottom. Provide adequate ventilation as a lot of dust will be released.
  5. Start by dismantling the kitchen. Remove everything that can be removed without demolition. The actual demolition will follow later.

Kitchen demolition tips

In addition to the step-by-step plan, here are some practical tips and points of attention that will help you on your way.

  • In addition to tools, you will also need waste bags, masking tape and other consumables. When demolishing the kitchen, neat and clean work is also important, not just while cooking!
  • Is there water in the kitchen sink? Mop it up immediately. In addition to the danger of slipping, it can also cause dangerous situations with electricity.
  • When demolishing the kitchen, shutting off gas is of course important. Use the right materials for this, such as special tape that ensures a better closure. Gas molecules are very small and can seep along a standard screw thread. Always replace old gas stove hoses.
  • Do you have more equipment in your new kitchen? Then check whether a new power group is required or whether new power connections are required.

How long does kitchen demolition take?

Someone with experience can dismantle an entire kitchen with half a day's work. If you want to do it yourself, count on a whole day. In fact, you also have to count the time needed for the preparation to make a complete addition. Make sure you have reserved a waste container in time so that you can continue packing on the day of demolition.

Demolish and install kitchen

Demolition of a kitchen is actually only the beginning of your project. Then you will install a new kitchen. Provide a good foundation, a clean room with all the amenities you will need. This way the installation will go much better.

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