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Environmental streets: Can I dump my waste here?

There are many types of waste, each with its own waste disposal rules. Here are some common questions we get on recycling yards.

What is an environmental street?

A recycling center is a designated place where people can bring their household waste for safe disposal without harming the environment.

Disposal of waste on the environmental street

Can I deposit my waste here?

The answer to this question depends on the type of waste you have and the regulations of the landfill. Some landfills only accept certain types of waste, while others have more lenient regulations. It is always best to check with the landfill first before dumping any waste.

Most recycling centers have a sign stating which types of waste they accept. The signs usually have a list of objects with an X next to them. This means that the object can be deposited at that specific recycling center.

If you are not sure whether or not an object can be returned to a recycling center, it is wise to approach your local recycling center to verify whether the object can be deposited.

What waste can I dispose of in a recycling center?

Waste that can be deposited in a recycling center is recyclable waste, green waste and general household waste. In addition, you will have to separate your waste at a recycling center yourself, by depositing it in the correct compartment.

The following waste can be deposited at an environmental yard:

  • paper and cardboard
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles, containers and packaging
  • metal cans, cans and foil
  • textile
  • debris

Depending on the landfill you are going to, other waste streams may be allowed to be deposited.

If you want to dispose of other types of waste, such as electrical appliances or construction waste, you must take it to a recycling center or landfill. For most chemical and electrical appliances you have already paid disposal costs when purchasing the product, which is why they are usually collected free of charge.

Can I return my mattress to the landfill?

Yes, mattresses are collected at most recycling centers. These are recycled separately. When a mattress is dumped in a container, it will incur additional costs.

Cars in line on the recycling street

As a company, how do I dispose of my waste at a recycling center?

A recycling center is a designated area within a neighborhood where residents can deposit their waste. The type of waste that can be deposited in a recycling center differs per recycling center, but usually includes recyclable materials, green waste and general household waste. Companies that want to deposit their waste on a recycling center must first register with the municipality where the landfill is located.

An easier way for a company to get rid of your waste is to rent a container. Containers are available in all kinds of different sizes (3m3 to 40m3). In addition, the price is determined by the type of waste that you place in the container. By renting a container you save time which your employees can better spend on carrying out the job.

For many companies it is important to have a good waste disposal system. This is not only for environmental reasons, but also because it can save the company money in the long run. By properly disposing of waste, companies can avoid costly fines and penalties.

When is it busy at a recycling center?

Environmental sites are busiest on weekends and holidays. If you need to dispose of waste during these periods, it is recommended that you arrive early. This will help you avoid long waiting times.


Recycle streets are a good way to get rid of your waste, but there are some limitations and are time consuming.

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Maurice Hagen

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