The following questions are regularly asked: is a permit required to have a waste container installed? In general this question cannot be answered with a YES or NO.

If the waste container is placed on its own land, it is always permitted to have the container installed without a permit. If the container is placed on municipal land, then the regulation, which the municipality has set, applies. It is different in every municipality. It is best to inform yourself at the municipality which regulation applies here.

Here are some important points to take into account:

  • location of the container; parking space, street or yard
  • how long does the container stand
  • which drainage stream it concerns, for example wood, construction and demolition waste or greenery and so on
  • inform your neighbors that a container will be placed
  • this container is only intended for you
  • does not allow other people to put their waste in your container

For further information you can always contact us. Feel free to call, mail or WhatsApp. is not liable for any damage, you should check this yourself at the municipality.