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Prefab construction

Building a home office at lightning speed, how is it possible? Instead of building for weeks, a new garage, garden house or warehouse from a web shop can be built against an existing home within a week or just a weekend. It is possible with prefab construction, this is a way to expand your home quickly and cheaply. There are a number of points for attention in prefab construction that need to be taken into account, not least the disposal of waste and residual materials. For this you can easily order an rent a container on, read on for more practical tips and advice about prefab construction or extension.

Order construction waste container

Prefab construction costs

A large garden is very nice, but with an extra part of your home you can achieve a lot. It is always a matter of deliberation between stone and garden, if you have a large piece of land in the front or back garden, you can consider using part of it for construction or extension. It is not so much a cost item as an investment, because an extension to your home significantly increases the value of your home. The prefab construction costs are usually much lower than building a completely new object, how does this work exactly?

The reason why prefab expansion costs are lower is because of the preliminary work that is done elsewhere. Walls and other parts of the construction are made in a workshop, which are brought to the final destination on a large trailer. This works more efficiently than building from scratch on location, the process is also much faster than with stones that you have to put on top of each other piece by piece. It is actually a kind of construction kit that is put together on site. Another reason why prefab construction costs are lower is the lack of customization options. This is a small drawback, if you have a very specific extension in mind, then prefab may not be the best solution. Fortunately, there are quite a few options such as colors and finish.

Wooden support under construction of house

What is the difference between construction and expansion? These terms are often confused, but they are quite easy to distinguish:

  • under construction is a new space that is placed against an existing building. Think of a home office.
  • Extension is an extension of an existing space. Consider an extension of the living room for more living space.

In both cases, it is part of the main building. The rooms must therefore be connected to each other and be accessible from the main building. In many cases, few or even no permits are required to carry out such a project on site. This is different with a separate outbuilding, where more rules apply. As a result, the prefab expansion costs or for construction are usually lower than for building a new object on your own site. Check in advance whether permits are required or whether inspections need to be carried out. Think of an rent a container to clean up garden waste. If there is soil contamination, a soil investigation must first be carried out. Always work well prepared to avoid delays and extra costs.

Costs prefab construction

The costs for prefab for construction may differ from the costs for prefab for expansion. This is partly due to the options available. For example, if you want to extend a room, it is preferable to opt for a construction of equivalent quality. There is a little more flexibility in materials and construction when under construction. In addition, in the case of an extension, an existing part of the building must first be demolished. In the case of an extension, the outer wall or partition remains intact and only a doorway needs to be placed. The costs for prefab can also be higher with regard to the disposal of waste. More material has to be broken down, which means that there are also more residual materials to be disposed of. Can you heat the room separately? Energy costs also add up in the long term.

Tip: Make a calculation in advance of the amount of waste you want to dispose of. Also pay attention to the type of waste. Based on this, you can rent a container with the right volume at Rather opt for a somewhat larger disposal container. If you rent a size too small, it may need to be emptied twice, which will incur additional costs. Contact the advisors for more information.

With the costs of prefab for construction, you can usually save some money on breaking down and/or renovating the inside. You still have garden waste to remove or other residual materials that have to make way for the new structure. You can estimate the amount of waste based on the construction drawings. Also take into account the depth you need to dig to lay the foundation. For example, there may be a lot of black sand left over that you can dispose of through a container. This is not only a lot of volume, the weight is also considerable.

Prefab construction house

The costs are important, but let's take a look at the quality of prefab construction for your home. Nowadays prefab is certainly no longer a 'dirty' word, the quality is high to very high. Pay attention to the quality of the materials used and the type of construction that is used. Especially when building, you want a quality that matches the rest of the room. Otherwise, you may have to renovate the extension before the rest of the building, which is not practical or efficient. It is certainly wise to renovate the original space immediately so that the whole is as good as new again.

Pouring concrete in factory for prefab construction

Prefab construction price

Of course you would like to know what the average prefab extension price is. What the costs are in your situation is not easy to determine, here too there are specific circumstances with different costs. These are some characteristics to determine prefab extension prices:

  • The surface area of ​​the addition or extension.
  • The chosen materials.
  • The number of windows in the structure.
  • The access, think of a sliding door or door.
  • The finishing of the addition or extension.
  • Whether parts can be reused.
  • Which permits are required.
  • How much waste material needs to be disposed of.

The average costs for the prefab extension of a home are between 20,000 and 30,000 euros based on 15 to 30 square meters of expansion. But as mentioned, the costs can also vary greatly with prefab.

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