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House remodeling costs

There are questions that are easy to answer. What the costs are when renovating a house is a question that is often asked, but which is not easy to answer. In fact; you can expect a number of new questions such as "how big is the house?", "what are you going to renovate?" and “what quality materials do you choose?” and much more. We cannot answer all these questions because we do not know exactly what your project entails. We can, however, give an indication of the costs involved in renovating a house, including costs that you may overlook. For example, have you already thought of a disposal bin to dispose of residual materials?

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House renovation costs

Let's get straight to the point; when renovating a house, the costs can vary roughly from 5,000 euros to roughly 200,000 euros. That is a wide margin that of course does not get you much further. Where do these amounts come from? If you are going to renovate a bathroom with simple furnishings and tackle most of the work yourself, the costs will not be too bad. If you live in an old building that needs to be renovated from basement to attic with asbestos in the walls, then we are talking about amounts that you would expect for a new house. Most renovations are in between these extreme amounts, so it is wise to make a list of activities and choices that you can make when considering the costs of a house renovation.

What does renovation cost?

What does a house renovation cost? You can calculate in two ways; a total price for a project such as renewing the kitchen or per square meter. A standard way to determine costs is an amount per square meter. This gives an indication of the total cost, although a wide margin also applies here. On average, an amount between 750 and 1500 euros is counted per square meter. For example, if you want to renovate 100 square meters of your house, you will end up with 75,000 and 150,000 euros respectively. These are completely different amounts that depend on things such as quality and the condition of the home. What are the main components that determine the cost of a home renovation?


Especially in old houses, the electricity in the house will not meet the current requirements. If you want to install solar panels on the roof or install various smart home facilities, new circuits will probably have to be installed. In some cases you must first request permission from the municipality. If we speak of a considerable intervention, you will soon end up with an amount of 10,000 euros.


Although a new boiler and possibly also new radiators entail a considerable investment, modern facilities will also save you money quickly on the energy bill. An HR boiler pays for itself, especially if the heating in the house is outdated. Here too you can think of smart home extensions such as smart radiators that you can operate per element. Then you only heat the rooms you use and with a self-learning system, energy consumption is kept to a minimum. Here too, you will soon be above 10,000 euros in costs for renovating your home.


Do the pipes need to be moved or replaced? Breaking out an old bathroom is not that special in itself as long as you take into account the pipes for water and electricity. You can neatly dispose of rubble with a disposal container, you can make a calculation in advance of the amount of rubble you want to dispose of. Separated waste streams with multiple disposal bins are not only better for the environment, but also for the wallet. Residual waste is more expensive to process, a container for rubble or construction and demolition waste is considerably cheaper.


The walls will certainly need maintenance during a major renovation. Think of new plaster, painting or wallpapering. You can certainly count 25 euros per square meter for this. If you are going to tackle the walls in the house, you will quickly end up with 10,000 euros or more. This is almost a standard amount per part as you can see.


As with heating, roofing is also a sustainable investment. Heat rises, most of the energy is lost through the roof. There are various ways to insulate the roof, in addition, other roofing work may also be required. Here we take a somewhat wider margin between 10,000 and 20,000 euros.


Do you still have single glass in the house? Then it is certainly recommended to replace the windows in the house with at least HR ++ glass. Double glazing has only a limited insulation value, this is no longer of this time. If you want to replace all the windows in the house with insulating glass, you will spend about 15,000 euros for a standard house.

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You can determine the costs of renovating a house in different ways. For example, think of:

  • Area (square meter)
  • Content (cubic meter)
  • Space (bathroom, kitchen, attic, etc.)
  • Quality (budget or premium finish)
  • Method (do it yourself or via a contractor)

Instead of making one calculation, you can apply multiple methods to arrive at the best decision. Then you get a grip on the costs associated with renovation and you can make strategic choices.

What does renovation cost per m2?

You can calculate renovation costs based on square or cubic meters. Let's take a look at both options. First, we look at renovations per square meter. Count on average between 50 and 200 euros in renovation costs per m2, then you have a safe margin. You see that it is difficult to make a price indication when renovating because the margin is so large. If you consciously opt for a budget renovation with low costs, you will count the lower rate for convenience, if you go for more luxury, you will pay extra costs for renovation. It is always smart if you start from your available budget and determine the frameworks within this amount.

What does renovation cost per m3?

It is also possible to calculate with cubic meters or the content. The renovation price per m3 averages 300 to 500 euros per metre. Again, you can opt for standard quality or premium options. The costs for the contractors can also vary considerably, because of the shortage of trained personnel, the quotes can rise considerably in price.

Renovating how much does it cost?

You want to make an estimate when renovating, where do you start? First, you determine the budget that you can finance, from your own resources or a loan such as a building fund account. You then determine exactly which parts of the house you want to tackle. You make an estimate of the estimated costs for each room you want to renovate. If you want to take out a loan, the lender will also ask for a plan of action including costs. Don't just think about the result in the house renovation costs, but also pay attention to the demolition work and the waste that you have to dispose of via a disposal container. Can you reuse materials yourself? Then you can already save on this, this is also a sustainable solution.

Renovation costs construction

If you want to go beyond the current dimensions when renovating, the costs for construction also count. If it concerns a new construction, you do not have any rubble or demolition materials, but you do have to dispose of greenery and earth via a disposal container, for example. We cannot give a standard price tag for renovation costs here either, on average the costs for construction are between 20,000 and 80,000 euros depending on the surface and quality of the finish. In addition to the design and construction, there may also be costs for applying for permits or inspection on site.

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